Karin Mingels at PetPal Pet Sitting is simply remarkable! She has taken expert care of our many pets over the years. When we are away, we know are pets are the best hands possible. Karin spends ample time with them:  feeding, playing, walking them and just hanging out with them making them feel comfortable and loved. It's easy to see why our pets love her! Karin also goes above and beyond what I ever expected in a pet sitter. She cleans the cat litter and any messes the dogs have made, brings in the mail and newspaper, leaves lights on to make the house looked lived in when we are away, and administers pet medications if needed (Karin is a too!). It's wonderful to know that our pets are truly being cared for in the comfort of their own home we we are gone. Additionally, we don't have to adhere to anyone else's schedule. I wouldn't trust the care of my pets to anyone other than Karin Mingels at PetPal.


Karin has been our primary dog walker/care provider for Lani since she was 4 months old to the present. She is caring, compassionate, responsible and extremely loving of our puppy. She is a great communicator, always leaves notes/updates of how they spent there time together and anything of concern. She is extremely flexible and willing to work around our schedules to accommodate Lani's needs while we are away. She treats our dog like its one of her own, for that we are extremely grateful and lucky that Lani has one more person to spoil her with love/care. I would highly recommend Karin for pet care!


We first met Karin 2 years ago. She was referred to us by my cousin who also has 2 big dogs. I have two male dogs, both of whom are extremely energetic and weigh over 75 pounds. Karin has been our life saver. She is always there for us and will go out of her way to be there for my dogs. They both love her and get excited and run to the door when I say Karin is coming today. I gave birth about 8 months ago we texted Karin when I went into labor and she said don't worry I will take care of the dogs. We did not have to worry about a thing. In late winter we went away and Karin minded our dogs. The dogs tore my house apart and Karin cleaned up every single piece of trash, paper, and DVDs that they tore up. As I kept apologizing and I was absolutely mortified she kept saying do not worry about it. I came home and my house was the way I left it because Karin cleaned up after my dogs. I cannot tell you how much Karin means to us and we would recommend her to anyone. She is kind, reliable, generous, nice, and trustworthy.

It is so hard to believe how quickly the school year has gone, but Tom and I truly appreciate all of your help and support that you have given us! Fred has been in great hands everyday and we can’t thank you enough.  It means so much to us that we have such a reliable and caring person to walk Fred everyday.  We know how much he loves you and we truly appreciate your dedication each and everyday.  Hope you have a wonderful Summer.  We will be in touch soon.

Being away recently for fourteen days and having to leave my dog behind was a very difficult decision for me.  I worry that my pet will suffer from being alone for so long.  In the past I had used two other petsitters for Zoe’s care as well as two other dogs I previously had.  I had used both companies many times and was beginning to realize that my dog does indeed suffer from my absence for so long.  I would arrive home and find my dog very quiet and unemotional.  It would take a few days for her to get back on track.  Much to my amazement, this time, having used you for the first time, I very quickly learned that I had wronged my pet, Zoe and my other dogs by using the other local petsitters.  This time around, I came home to a very happy, content dog.  She was excited to see me, was not absent of emotion and very quickly was back to her old routine with me.  Secondly, your care for my home, my plants, my fish, etc… Terrific! 
I hope you realize how valuable your service is to your clients and the animals you care for. 

We wanted to thank you for always taking such great care of Fresco.  In the two years that you have been walking him, you have become completely invaluable to us. With of us working in the city.  It really puts our minds at ease knowing that we can count on someone so caring and responsible to be there for our little guy during the week.  We are especially grateful for the occasions when he hasn’t felt well and you took the extra time to give us a call and even returned to the house on the same day to check up on him with out being asked.  You definitely go above and beyond the call of duty.  And we know Fresco just adores you…not oly does he get lots of exercise, bathroom breaks and fresh water but from what we can gather from your daily update notes, he gets a lot of extra attention, playtime and cuddles.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Fergus while we were gone.  He seemed very happy, healthy and relaxed when we came home!  I really appreciate you also washing my son’s coat and taking out the trash.  That was very thoughtful of you and unexpected.  Thanks for being so flexible with our ever changing schedule!  We appreciate the extra time and attention you gave Fergus when we were away. 

I want to take this opportunity to express to you how overwhelmingly pleased I am in such a short time with your pet services. 
I had such a good feeling about you when we first met and I could tell in an instant my dog felt the same.  Your attention to my dogs very specific needs due to her physical handi-caps has made a world of difference for her as well.  Your gentle walks with her and mild aerobic exercise has caused me to rethink my ideas of having her evaluated again for surgery.  Her motion range of her limbs has improved significantly since you started your work with her. In addition to the above, I must say, again, how very happy I am with your service.  In particular, your Pet Sitting services. 

I refer Karin Mingels... 

whenever I hear of someone whose pet(s) need care while they will be away. Karin is reliable, honest, and truly knows and loves animals. She even journals the fun they have—walks, playing, cuddling, eating well—while she visits. I can travel guilt-free and without worry because I know our pets are getting extra attention when I entrust them to Karin.